About Us

In Retrospect is a lifestyle periodical featuring everything old, old-fashioned or retro styled. Covering 20th century fashion & style, music, dancing, history, culture, furniture, design, technology, transport and much more – our aim is to provide a magazine that not only encompasses every part of the retrospective lifestyle but caters for the tastes of anyone and everyone with a penchant for days gone by.

We at In Retrospect pride ourselves on being the only magazine run by full-time retrospective enthusiasts, all of whom are volunteers and experts in their own fields of interest. We are also the only retro publication aimed at both Men & Women equally.

In Retrospect is self-published with no corporate funding, we publish for the community by the community and are set up as a Community Interest Company and not-for-profit.

Don’t just take our word for it though. Here are some of the comments from our lovely readers.

“This magazine is for people who really like to immerse themselves in the past, who love the history, the culture and ethos of times gone by but also appreciate the benefits of living in the 21st Century.”
Cate Coles, Vintage Gal

“Perfect to get stuck into over a cup of tea and some biscuits.”
Helen Mae Green, Lovebirds Vintage

“In Retrospect is funny, quick, easy to pick up and read.”
Mrs Fox, Mrs Fox’s Finery


We have been lucky enough to have many full-time retrospective enthusiasts as regular contributors. These include: bloggers Fleur McGerr, Gemma Seager, Susie Earlam and G.M. Norton; event co-ordinator Bethan Soanes; historian and director of the Crime Writers’ Association Lucy Santos; clothing designers Karen James-Welton & Sally Sweetlove; Hair and Make-up artist Kerry Curl; Milliner Ellen Bowden; Vintage model Ava Aviación and European Lindy-Hop champion Sharon Davis!

Our Editorial Team

mathew_kellerMathew Keller

Mathew is a graphic designer, photographer, writer, husband, father, modernist, history enthusiast, lover of pre & post-war design, collector of inter-war furniture & clothing and advocate of the retrospective way of life. He lives and works in Brighton and, dependant on the weather, dresses everyday like he’s from the ’30s, ’40s or early ’50s.
You can follow his #retrospectivelife on Instagram: www.instagram.com/southernretro

becca_picRebecca Mountfield

Becca is a Mid-Century loving lady with a background in English Literature.  When in the office, she enjoys supplementing her true vintage with many of the reproduction outfits on offer.  And when she’s not busy buying late ’50s/early ’60s additions for her wardrobe and home, she’s studying for another MA in English Language.
Follow her on Twitter: @bookishbecca

G.M.-NortonG.M. Norton

Mr Norton is on a quest to lead a gentlemanly existence. Residing in the North West of England, he aspires to better himself in the ways of old while showing the world that old-fashioned doesn’t mean outdated. His award-winning periodical, Norton of Morton is updated every Saturday at 4 o’clock. So regular, you can set your pocket watch by it.


Ava Aviación

Ava is the pin up alter ego of a British, Second World War enthusiast, who lives in the 1940s. She spends most of her time reading, dabbles in 1930s-1950s modelling and lives in the Midlands. As a socialist and a feminist, she focuses on women’s wartime experiences, and got into this old-fashioned lark from reading an anthology of Women’s Land Army memoirs whilst at college.