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‘A Week in Paris’ – Rachel Hore

I often buy books from charity shops as I find that I am more inclined to read them if I haven’t spent a lot. I hadn’t heard of Rachel Hore prior to reading ‘A Week in Paris’ however I was pleasantly surprised.

a-week-in-parisRachel’s books can be placed in any genre, as there are quite a variety of themes throughout the novel. It will certainly appeal to those who like mystery, romance or historical fiction.

‘A Week in Paris’ is told through two perspectives.

This first concerns Fay Knox, a young musician who travels to Paris on a concert tour. However her arrival in the city stirs memories in her past that she cannot explain.

Back in 1937, Kitty Travers enrols at the Conservatoire in Paris and slowly the plots become entwined.

As Kitty’s past unravels Fay’s exploration of Paris, it reveals dark secrets hidden long ago amidst the Occupation until the novel draws to its unexpected twist. I challenge anyone to work out before it is revealed!

Hore’s descriptions of the scenery and attire of the characters surpass expectations, Paris truly breathes on the page, whether it is in the grim ghetto of Occupied France or the glamour and sumptuous parties of the Golden Age, readers are treated to full indulgence of both brutality and sentimentality.

My only reservation is the supporting character of Lili who appears throughout Kitty’s perspective. At times it is often difficult to determine her role in proceedings, however, I do wonder if Ms Hore has left her story open so that she may return to it at some point in the future. I sincerely hope she does.

I’m now planning to read further novels by Rachel Hore. I would definitely recommend ‘A Week in Paris’ to anyone who enjoys a good mystery novel with a vintage edge, or simply a good read to curl up with on a rainy afternoon.

Holly Foster is a 50s enthusiast from London. Her love of vintage clothing comes from a life long interest in history and she devotes her free time to attending vintage fairs and hunting for vintage bargains throughout the UK.