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The Classic Car Boot Sale

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King’s Cross
Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd October

The sun was shining and a crisp autumn chill was in the air. This was the last Classic Car Boot Sale of the year at King’s Cross, and with the foreboding glimmer of bucketing rain on the horizon, we scrapped our plans for a Saturday visit and turned up all guns blazing on Sunday morning. With money burning a hole in our pockets and a fully stocked bar beckoning us in, we were on the hunt for vintage treasures and booze aplenty.


Well, who’d have thought it was autumn when I whipped off my jacket and sat sipping away at a pint (or two) of the black stuff in the sun? All soaked up with a whopping gooey bowl of Anna Mae’s Mac and Cheese, The Don if you were wondering, swimming in stringy parmesan and a ton of basil. Just how I like it!

I’m sure I’m not alone by saying I am an absolute sap for a preened pooch and the Classic Car Boot was a breeding ground for fuzzy friends and big balls of fluff. Safe to say, the dog owners made a pretty penny out of me. If your stall features food, a dog, or both, there is no question about it; I will 100% be buying up your grub whilst simultaneously over-enthusiastically petting your canine friend. Please be warned, I think Pig Wig the pug puppy and her owner learnt the hard way.


As we poodled up to the entrance, a rare white Chevrolet Impala could be seen covered head to toe in neon graffiti. Tiny doodles, dates, perhaps of birthdays and anniversaries and other imagery adorned the vintage car, an ongoing project run by artist Imogen Paton. Hoping to provide a veritable and constant source of income for charity Solace Women’s Aid, a domestic abuse charity that raises funds through donated artworks, Paton charges £2 for every person who wishes to make their mark on the vehicle. It is then rented out, with all profits being donated to the charity. A worthy cause and definitely one that I could get on board with.


The Routemaster Bus Bar was the shining red beacon right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the Classic Car Boot, a favourite and regular mainstay of the bi-annual event, providing a welcome rest from all the shopping and eating. Just as I got up to (reluctantly) leave the bar, needless to say toes were tingling and the tangy smell of two-stroke clung to the air. Well, that could only mean one thing; the Mods had arrived. A sea of green parkas were astride classic Vespa and Lambretta scooters, just as DJ Big Bob Morris started spinning Northern Soul and Ska 45s. Good timing Big Bob!

Of course it wouldn’t be the Classic Car Boot Sale without a few vintage motors lurking about and it was the racing green 1950 Pontiac Silver Streak that won best in show. VW Campers, original Minis, Chevrolets and Mustangs were all in attendance, so whichever leather interiored four wheeler floats your boat, be safe in the knowledge that they were all there. Traders were literally wheeling and dealing vintage goodies, straight out of the back of their preened and polished golden oldies. Haggling is not frowned upon; if anything it was earnestly encouraged, which meant that hole in my pocket was quickly being drained of my hard earned cash.

scooter-windshield classic-scooters dalmatian-in-car

I had eaten everything, petted every dog in sight and emptied my pockets completely. As I grudgingly made my way to the exit, my tiny sombrero sprouting flowers and chillies precariously balanced in my hair – the less said about that the better (though if you’re intrigued, check out Voodoo Betty’s Boutique) – who did I spot parading around with the best in show rosette than the man himself, Wayne Hemingway. Founder of Hemingway Designs, Wayne is the mastermind behind the Classic Car Boot Sale, so obviously I couldn’t resist a sneaky pic.


A fitting end to a fab day! Till the next time…




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Danielle Morgan is a writer living just outside of London. She is a vintage loving, book obsessed tea addict who was definitely born in the wrong era. You will most probably find her baking whilst manically dancing around the kitchen to ’60s crooners. Follow her exploits over @morgand941.