About Us

In Retrospect is a quarterly lifestyle publication, celebrating and supporting the international retrospective community.

While we’re big fans of tradition, we are, uniquely, not a traditional magazine, but rather a not-for-profit, self-published, community interest publication, entirely staffed, produced and featuring volunteers from the retrospective sub-culture across the globe. We are also the only publication of its kind aimed at both men and women equally.

Every penny we make from sales and advertising goes into the printing and distribution of the magazine, we exist to support and promote every aspect of the lifestyle (including all its individuals, small businesses, events, performers, meet-up groups, you name it) and the principles behind the retrospective community as a whole: to tell the stories of past generations so that they are not lost and to help keep history alive for future generations.

In Retrospect covers varied topics including 20th century fashion and style, music, dancing, history, culture, furniture, design and transport. As Katie Olive from The British Belles commented, “What I love about In Retrospect is that there is literally something for every kind of vintage lover. Whether you’re into the fashion, dancing or old-fashioned dating, or more interested in WWI vehicles, ration recipes or vintage home decor – In Retrospect has it all.”



We are lucky enough to have some of the finest writers in the retrospective scene as regular contributing members. This includes some of the best known bloggers, photographers, professional pin-ups, small business owners, social history fans, a renowned hair stylist and make-up artist. We even boast a film industry model maker among our ranks.

Bloggers: Mr G.M. Norton (Norton of Morton), Mim McDonald (Crinoline Robot), Sarah Rees (Porcelina’s World), Nick Rutter (aka Bruce Partington-Plans of Eclectic Ephemera), Jenny Frances (Frantically Jenny Frances) and Elinor Lloyd-Philipps (The Nylon Swish).

Photographers: Mathew Keller & Jessica Milberg.

Professional pin-ups: Lillian Love, Ava Aviación and Amy Bliss.

Small business owners: Emily Dupen-Hopkins (Dupenny), Lizzi Hobcraft (Betty Blue’s Lounge Wear) and Hettie Emery (Liberty Belle Vintage).

Social history fans: Katrina Simpson, Christine Simpson and Binty Bun.

Hair stylist: Sarah Dunn

Make-up artist (and photography student): Kerry Curl.

Film industry model maker: John Coppinger.

And many more!

“In Retrospect prides itself on being the only magazine run by full time enthusiasts and this really comes through in the variety of articles.”
Shauna Marissa Marshall, Mid Century Girl