Vintage Valencia

Discover the best places to go in Valencia for vintage enthusiasts.

The neighbourhood of El Carmen is part of the historic old city from the days when Valencia was a protected walled city. This is an area of the city that feels somehow more authentically Spanish, with windy narrow streets and hidden away squares with sunlit terraces.

The shops in El Carmen offer a little of everything: from cups, hats and books to plates and underwear. Some of the pop-up markets focus exclusively on authentic vintage products, whereas the shops tend to feature more of a combination of authentic pieces alongside modern-made vintage-style items.

If you’re not looking for anything in particular, you can just enjoy browsing and see what you stumble across. For me, I particularly enjoy finding old postcards or advertising! I love trying to decipher the faded cursive handwriting. There’s something quite special about imagining the lives of both the writer and the receiver. With its beach, Malvarossa, Valencia has long been a favourite holiday destination for Spaniards of other cities. So, there are plenty of Valencian postcards that seem to have been written to loved ones in Madrid. And they show that tourist priorities haven’t changed much at all over the years: the weather, the food and the friendliness of the local people.

Santo Spirito Vintage

Where shall we begin our tour of the El Carmen? Let’s start at one of the most well-known vintage shops, Santo Spirito Vintage (Calle Alta), they have an endless variety of cool shirts and the prices are pretty good too! Another popular one is Used (Calle Quart) which is a second-hand shop. There you can find Levi’s 501, leather jackets and checked shirts.

If jewellery is more your thing, you should go to Copernia (Calle Bolseria) where they have a wide range of rings, necklaces and original accessories. On the same street, we can find Lavespa Roja, another vintage clothing shop. It’s an eye-catching shop and has some incredible leather jackets and American style denims (the likes of Lee, Levis, Dickies, Wrangler etc).

Lavespa Roja
Madame Bugalú

Sorry gents, this one’s only for the ladies! Madame Bugalú (Calle Danzas) offer vintage inspired clothing with a different style compared to the high street chains attempts to vintage-ise their designs.

Whilst you’re in the area, it’s worth doing a little sight-seeing to check out La Lonja de la Seda (Silk Exchange). La Lonja is a Gothic-style civil building and former financial centre. The main hall is the most impressive as it has Arabic influenced architecture seen in the incredible twisted columns. There a beautiful courtyard filled with orange trees that provide a little shade, so why not take a seat under them to take a break from all that window shopping!

Map of the area:

La Lonja de la Seda

Fiona Lynch is a lindy-hopping physiotherapy graduate and aspiring writer. She was brought up in the North East of England and currently lives in sunny Valencia. She’s a board game enthusiast and loves to play the ukulele with a cup of tea within reach!