A Modern Take on Vintage

If you attended the last Mid Century Market in London, you would have come across a new reproduction clothing brand, a brand like no other in the UK, simply known
as Piplotex.

Piplotex are a fairly new company, starting only four years ago in 2011 as an onsite alterations and repair company at Hemsby Rock ‘n’ Roll weekender for people who needed their vintage clothing altered or fixed for the evening’s events. This proved popular with the vintage and rockabilly crowd and Piplotex started carrying out alterations and repairs at all the well known rockabilly festivals in the UK. But it was only when the lady behind the brand, Pip Love, saw how much demand there was for her seamstress service, she decided to expand her brand and created a ready to wear brand.

Since then, Piplotex have become renowned for their Mexican inspired patio sets and was labelled recently as “the patio set queen” by fellow repro extraordinaire Di Brooks of Outerlimitz. You only need to take one look at Piplotex ready to wear pieces and see the high quality of work that goes into it all, with beautiful embellishment and perfectly cut and fitted styles, no two patio sets are ever the same. It just makes your decision regarding which to buy even more difficult, but you can guarantee that when you do, you won’t see anyone else wearing your outfit.

As well as creating these unique sets, Piplotex also sell separates including Capri pants and those rare to find sun tops that every rockabilly girl loves.

Two piece, two tone 1950s Mexican style patio set - £165
Two piece, two tone 1950s Mexican style patio set – £165
Hand embroidered pockets on a 1950s Souvenir style Dirndl skirt - £55

The latest skirts they have just brought out are the Dirndl skirts, which are all hand embroidered and are really just like vintage.

You can definitely tell that it is quality over quantity for Piplotex and whatever piece you buy from them, you can feel the love and dedication that goes into each and every item. Piplotex are a favourite of mine and I have loved watching them grow as a company and can only predict that they will go from strength to strength because they are doing something that other brands aren’t. It is only a matter of time until vintage becomes scarce so we can look to brands such as Piplotex to take its place with its same timeless glamour.

You can check them out via their website, Facebook and at all UK weekenders and at the next Mid Century Market on Sunday 13th December.


Bethan Soanes is the owner of the boutique events and promotions company ‘Bettina Scarlett Presents’. She runs the quarterly Mid Century Market and the vintage fashion revue fashion show at the Rockabilly Rave.