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Keeping Cool the Retrospective Way

What a fantastic heatwave we’ve been enjoying this week in Blighty! The Devon beaches have been packed and we’ve even had an Art Deco Lido reopen in Saltdean (Brighton). However if you’re not lucky enough to be able to cool off with a dip, or your retrospective/eco/financial constraints have left you without access to that famous American air con… here are our top tips to keeping cool like they used to.

  • Drink cold water before bedtime to prepare for water loss through sweat
  • Fill a hot water bottle (rubber or stone, your choice) with cold water and take it to bed with you
  • Place a bowl of ice/cold water in front of your fan- this will cool the air as it’s propelled forward
  • Hang wet sheets (not dripping) in front of your window to draw air in and cool the air at the same time
  • Place your fan facing an open window to blow hot air out
  • Dampen your bedsheets before bed
  • Wear natural fibers to bed (cotton nighties and pjs) and keep bed linen natural too (no polyester sheets!)
  • Dampen pulse points with a flannel to encourage the blood vessels near the surface of your skin to cool
  • Sleep as low down as possible (the stone slabs of a Victorian kitchen would be ideal!), perhaps making a makeshift bed on a lower floor if needed

Ava Aviación is an English vintage model and historian living in the 1940s! She is interested in social history, specifically women’s lives during the Second World War.